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Yes, I Tsondoku, do you too?

Tsondoku is Japanese to describe the practice of buying or collecting reading material way in excess of your ability to read it all. I think it refers to it as a lifelong habit. At times I look at my library, and wonder which books I have forgotten to read. I have three on my headboard…

Persecution v. Prosecution

As I write the Senate decides if they will expand their power further beyond the bounds of the Constitution. No one expects them to say no. They are not prone to self restraint. President Trump’s era is one in which the elite’s crimes stand exposed to the light, but justice remains blind to their rape…

The Conspiracy

The Left continues the war of Adverbs and is now calling the entire belief in Liberty a Terrorist threat. In a discussion on Telegram on this topic I had a thought: (Sic) – I do know how to spell Conspiracy, hell I are one! VAST, it is not an element of conspiracy, a conspiracy is…

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