Low Power Freedom

With the communist/fascist’s revolution in full swing in AmeriKa; and the installation of a ruling Junta, all Americans are seeing how limited we are in our ability to speak effectively.

We certainly do have the power of the press. Our computers and printers are marvels, but paper and ink do not come cheep. and their cost is paltry in comparison to distributing our writings.

The internet was a marvel of distribution for all free people, but now that freedom is gone. The Fascist alliance was made possible by the Clinton Cable Bill. Tier 1 of your cable service is required, it is a tax you pay to keep the propaganda stations of MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, etc, free from needing ad revenue, or viewership. We now know the internet’s owners believe they can control content, and on the social media giant sites of FB, and Twitter they have done so,

Radio really does the heavy lifting of propaganda. I marvel at the top of the hour “news” that completely contradicts the commentary delivered by the syndicated shows. Like Tier 1 Cable, it is totally propaganda.

Amateur or Ham radio is regulated by the FCC, who warned this week that using it for “illegal” activities, like supporting freedom and liberty, are prohibited.

Revolution is about creativity, we may be back to bulletin boards and personal phone calls soon, but I expect not. The internet was built by the military to be robust and hard to shut down. I think we are experiencing a moment when a lot of back ground technologies and techniques that were undernourished when we all spoke free on FB are about to have their day in the sun.

Only individual speech is free, and only free voices are worth listening too. Stay safe, keep talking, and focus on the front sight.

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