Finding Titan Grove

Finding Titan Grove is a life changing experience for me.

Growing up in Del Norte County, home of The Redwood State and National Parks, there were rumors of trees larger than those in Stout Grove, which is found on scenic Howland Hill Road, a favorite haunt of mine: my Great Aunt and Uncle, Non and Bud Huffman, lived in the last house on the Crescent City, CA side of Howland Hill Road, where it enters the parks, and my high school track and cross country teams trained there. We played and trained oblivious to the incredible, and unique, wonder, that is in plain sight from our paths.

People would say, “There are bigger ones”; now and then a photo was seen, and the trees were incredible. But, photos do no justice to the majesty of the Redwoods. Yet, it was photos that inspired me to search for big trees. A web site popped up featuring a local Crescent City woman as the model, and she was in a place known as Titan Grove. As it turned out she would not direct me to the grove when I asked her. But, the web site had some hints. It took a couple months, but only a few short hikes, to find Titan Grove, and it is spectacular, and it was on Howland Hill Road!

It had in fact been hidden on purpose. Traditional trails into the grove are often camouflaged. However, the parks had promised tourism when they established themselves, and I was inspired to help my community by helping others find this special spot.

There is a sad reality that the Redwoods are a once in a lifetime experience. The reality is communities depending on scenery based tourism do not get a lot of return visitors like Las Vegas and Disney Land/World enjoy. For Crescent City, CA the bulk of the San Francisco Bay area population is satisfied after seeing the Groves in Southern Humboldt County.

In a day I photographed the approaches to the grove, where such amazing trees as The Del Norte Giant, and Chesty Puller crowd together. I typed up a short guide book, and put it on Amazon for the lowest price possible, including the free options. It has sold fairly well. I get a lot of positive feed back from people who were able to find Titan Grove for themselves, either because of reading the book, or because the book re-established a local knowledge that has spread in the community.

While it has been said that when you have seen one redwood you have seen them all, let me assure you, Titan Grove makes a mockery of that sentiment. It is claimed there is no area on earth with a denser mass of life than Titan Grove. It is hard to comprehend until you experience it. On both sides of Mill Creek, for a fair distance, the trees are immense. Life here extends into the sky for a football fields length. Chesty Puller’s trunk rivals the average person’s back yard fencing in length. And, it is all accessible. The trails are not long, nor are they steep.

There is some talk that the park service may add a walk way into the grove, but it is not a real priority. If you want to make that Once in a Lifetime trip to see the Redwoods, the equal of reaching Mount Everest’s summit, then you owe it to yourself to find Titan Grove.

McNamara Family Ranch Press grew out of my selling this guide on Amazon. This blog represents a new venture for us. Now our publications are going to be available in easy to download PDF form. No longer will Amazon get the profits for our work, nor will we have to price it to you according to Amazon’s dictates. The $7.99 Price AVAILABLE HERE is 20% off of the lowest Amazon price we could offer now, and still represents a better return to our firm. Our expenses, a WordPress Business page, are higher, and my marketing time will climb, but that too is part of the journey.

Of course if you want to pay more, the print version is still on Amazon,

With the link below you take a journey to one of the secret treasures of the world. You owe it to yourself to take your own journey into The Siskiyous Life, and celebrate the magic of Finding Titan Grove.

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