Solutions Will Present

Yesterday is the future, or in this case the future was 2 days ago.

Tom Darby and I established a texting channel outside of FB’s Messenger 2 days ago. We are both highly censored and doxed and cancelled and blacklisted and what ever other tricks the fascist tyrants implement these dark days. It is the price we pay for being tuned in, and articulate. At the end of our chat I said cleverly, “Solutions will present.”

Sooner rather than later as it turns out. For some time the idea of selling PDF formatted Books, Papers, and Articles had been a back burner project idea for me. McNamara Family Ranch Press is ready to walk away from the Amazon indenture.

With social media no longer offering bread nor circus, I had time to do some – well yes sadly, Googling. It turns out there are a number of businesses offering to host that very sort of service. But, which one to use in this era of choice. After looking at the sites that pay to be first in a Big Tech Search Circus (BTSC) I saw a one page article “How to Sell Digital Products Online with Google Drive and PayPal”

A solution. One that fit my current situation. I spent last night and this morning working through it, and now I can sell PDF’s of my work, like I envisioned. One way I will market myself is through this WordPress Blog. Now I can express myself in a more interesting and thorough way than FB or the competition ever offered.

And, in frustration over the ugly direction of the World Wide Web, I started looking at the fact Bulletin Board Systems still exist. They were what we used to network on just before Gopher and WWW came into the world. Gopher still exists too.

But, what I stumbled onto in the last two days, is a new, simpler, and more secure alternative. Gemini is a specification for a web experience focused on documents. Developed in 2019, with a page count under a quarter million and fewer than 500 Domains as of December 6, 2020, it is just coming onto the stage.

Gemini is a computer nerd solution right now, and taxed my journeyman Linux skills. But, it is the future for those of us sick of being spied on and censored. I have two of the GUI client browsers up and running, Kristall, and Castor. And I suspect the command line interface client Bollux is working too. It tells me it needs to be in my $PATH, and as soon as I figure out what that means, it will be.

Deedum – the Gemini browser app for Android, which is on the Google Play Store, is installing onto my phone as I type. No assembly required. (Update: it loaded fast and looks good. I need to finish editing and explore it before bed. )

Words are communication, and communication is the cornerstone of Liberty; the root of prosperity for the masses, and the well spring of happiness. No one will stop us from expressing ourselves. We have seen the elephant.

Gemini will carry our words uncensored. Soon we will all GUS, (Gemini Universal Search) and Google can flat go to hell.

Tom Darby and I became friends on our High School’s track and Cross Country teams. We are used to doing what it takes, used to preservering. For now I will be spreading the word on the WWW, that part of it that has not censored me yet. They too may grow evil. However I am not worried. We do not run to win the day, we run to win our souls.

Tomorrow I continue to work on – well, frankly, me, and starting a McNamara family ranch Press Gemini server; dark days did I say earlier? I feel as excited as I did the day I added a 286 card to my Tandy 2000, I sense a brilliant spring dawn in the offing.

Solutions Present.

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