The Conspiracy

The Left continues the war of Adverbs and is now calling the entire belief in Liberty a Terrorist threat. In a discussion on Telegram on this topic I had a thought:

(Sic) – I do know how to spell Conspiracy, hell I are one!

VAST, it is not an element of conspiracy, a conspiracy is a secretive thing. In that regard the left’s theft of the election can not be called a conspiracy. it is open and well enunciated. We saw it; we have the public statements of intent: far from conspiracy, the battle of the ideologies, those of Liberty and Freedom, versus those of elite cronyism masked as Communism, are simply organic manifestations of the public’s will

Pray dear friends that a love of Liberty is vast. Pray HRC was correct in her use of that word. Pray the organic manifestation of a love for Liberty is vast, that quantity really does display that quality it alone holds. Pray your neighbor, too, resists with a will.

There is a great compromise possible between Pure Liberty and the tyrants grim boot. It is the Constitution. Far from a far right concept, it is the middle ground of American ideals, of human willingness to consent to be governed. We have a lot of work to do removing the boot from our throat and returning to a proper role of Government. It is our willingness to be on the Liberty side of the Constitution, until that balance is found, bereft of the dubious good Government pretends to be, that strikes fear into the comfy, leeching elites.

Pray: To be on the side of God is our force multiplier. If we fight in God’s way, we shall be spared fighting in man’s way.

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