Yes, I Tsondoku, do you too?

Tsondoku is Japanese to describe the practice of buying or collecting reading material way in excess of your ability to read it all. I think it refers to it as a lifelong habit.

At times I look at my library, and wonder which books I have forgotten to read. I have three on my headboard now that are “next”. I am unsure how it relates to the books I started and lost interest in, or those I fully intend to read again. Steinbeck’s Sea of Cortez being number one in that group.

Scribd, the online library helps with the clutter, but not with the overall issue, as it makes it too easy to “Save for later”.

Often I point out we Americans live in a time of amazing luxury, our wants satisfied better than the kings of England dreamed of. The Holy Bible is Tsondoku evidence, and my only justification for that is, I am a believer, I do not need The Word to Know, for God’s wonder is evident in all I observe, including all the Non-Tsondoku books that have enlightened me to man’s special spot in the Lord’s eye.

Books, all writing, should have a special place in our lives, and their censors should too.

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