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Yes, I Tsondoku, do you too?

Tsondoku is Japanese to describe the practice of buying or collecting reading material way in excess of your ability to read it all. I think it refers to it as a lifelong habit. At times I look at my library, and wonder which books I have forgotten to read. I have three on my headboardContinue reading “Yes, I Tsondoku, do you too?”

Persecution v. Prosecution

As I write the Senate decides if they will expand their power further beyond the bounds of the Constitution. No one expects them to say no. They are not prone to self restraint. President Trump’s era is one in which the elite’s crimes stand exposed to the light, but justice remains blind to their rapeContinue reading “Persecution v. Prosecution”

The Conspiracy

The Left continues the war of Adverbs and is now calling the entire belief in Liberty a Terrorist threat. In a discussion on Telegram on this topic I had a thought: (Sic) – I do know how to spell Conspiracy, hell I are one! VAST, it is not an element of conspiracy, a conspiracy isContinue reading “The Conspiracy”

It is The Fed Stupid

The coup succeded because it was financed well. That is only possible because we have a money supply with no accountability. Central bankers can buy anyone or anything that they feel they need. Including, now, the entity formerly known as the United States of America. Below are two links that not only describe the problem,Continue reading “It is The Fed Stupid”

Village Life

This afternoon when I came home, this board was leaning on my gate. So? You might ask. A couple nights ago, when it was raining, I dropped a slippery 2×6 and it hit my fence. the fence you see behind the board. That fence boards fell into the ditch and was carried away rapidly inContinue reading “Village Life”

Solutions Will Present

Yesterday is the future, or in this case the future was 2 days ago. Tom Darby and I established a texting channel outside of FB’s Messenger 2 days ago. We are both highly censored and doxed and cancelled and blacklisted and what ever other tricks the fascist tyrants implement these dark days. It is theContinue reading “Solutions Will Present”

Finding Titan Grove

Finding Titan Grove is a life changing experience for me. Growing up in Del Norte County, home of The Redwood State and National Parks, there were rumors of trees larger than those in Stout Grove, which is found on scenic Howland Hill Road, a favorite haunt of mine: my Great Aunt and Uncle, Non andContinue reading “Finding Titan Grove”

Work to Do

Monday morning, and up before the dawn. The shop is warming up and the coffee is half drank. My friend James is looking for crab to market, and I hear the boats on the coast are bringing in their gear because it is a poor season. Joe Biden is busy pretending he has the moralContinue reading “Work to Do”


It is of course perfectly acceptable, even an obligation, to yell fire when there is a fire, even in a theater, and of course, political speech is all likely to get people excited, so no limit is acceptable.

Low Power Freedom

With the communist/fascist’s revolution in full swing in AmeriKa; and the installation of a ruling Junta, all Americans are seeing how limited we are in our ability to speak effectively. We certainly do have the power of the press. Our computers and printers are marvels, but paper and ink do not come cheep. and theirContinue reading “Low Power Freedom”


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Bear with me as I learn the in’s and out’s of Word Press.

Censorship by Face Book has gotten incredibly bad. Corporations are agents of Government, in that they receive limited immunity for paying fees to the government.

The courts erred in calling them persons because of this privilege and that relationship.

Facebook is a propaganda tool at this time, it has an obvious role in blocking opinion, labeling it Fake News, and it is so blatant that it even calls satire and comedy Fake News. In the mean time it enshrines sources that are biased and untruthful.

The major outlets engaged in bias get their funding from a tax system created by the Clinton Cable Bill. Using the emotional lie of preserving “local news”, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and NBC were given First Tier status in the Cable billing scheme. You have no choice but to pay them to stay in business. 

They have low to almost no viewership, but are still getting a huge revenue stream. They are an arm of progressive political machines, and show no shame over their lies and deceptions.

Speak out against them, and FB will suspend your account – “FB Jail” you.

Currently I am on 30 day Jail, and here on day 2 I start a Web Site, funded out of pocket, to give me a voice to counter the censors. Wish me luck.


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